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2014-03-18 11:38:44 by gangstertoppen

Umm.. So im going  to make some minecraft skins and i just ended up making Emo skins T_T And whatsoever i need ANY ideas what to make the skin look like. It can be ANYTHING example ehh... Someone naked. uhh idk! You decide!


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2014-03-22 07:06:37

i've downloaded one of your skins but i'm trying to put it in minecraft but it wont show correctly all the pixels. the skin is one that has headphones and white jacket, blue EYE ... there is something wrong? because i really like it

gangstertoppen responds:

The simplest way of using Skincraft skins and applying them to minecraft is:

Open Skincraft > View uploads > Edit skin > Export/Save > .png > Upload skin to minecraft.net!

And now, lets get to your problem xD There isnt anything wrong with the skin though. Its a newly created bug in Skincraft :I Please consult newgrounds user: mike


2014-03-31 15:46:37

make a cigarette Skin :p

gangstertoppen responds:

Ok, Made a cigarette skin!